Flight MH370 Search Area

The Ocean Floor

Firenado Explained

Russian Chelyabinsk Meteor

Sinkhole or Landslide

In The Studio

CBM Meteorologist Indra Petersons KABC Los Angeles, CA

Record Buffalo Lake-Effect Snow Explained

8-28-2013 Indra Petersons Early Start CNN

CNN Early Start

10-11-2103 CNN New Day Indra Petersons

6-26-2014 Indra Petersons New Day Studio Weather

Indra Petersons CNN New Day 9-16-14

CBM Certified Meteorologist Indra Petersons

In The Field

Hurricane Arthur

CNN’s Indra Petersons Live in the Cold

Washington, IL EF4 Tornado

San Diego Wildfires

Thanksgiving Travel Woes

Live in a Nor ‘easter